Molière! Molière! - October-November, 2002

In the fall of 2002 I was in my first play: Two Precious Maidens Ridiculed, one of two one-act plays by Molière produced by the Foothill College theatre arts department (the other was Sganarelle or the Imaginary Cuckold). The play ran from October 25 to November 10. Here are some pictures (ok, a lot) of the cast and crew...

Me as a (scary) clown.

The other clown is Elan Freydenson.

Elan and I also played sedan chair porters. We carried Masquerille (Rooben Morgan) onto the stage.

Christian Thomas as Jodelet (in pink), and Rooben Morgan as Masquerille (in blue).

Shannon Warrick (Gorgibus in Two Precious Maidens Ridiculed)

Kimberly Smith (Marotte)

Heather Hemingway (Cathos) and Jacqueline Hillsman (Magdelon)

Kevin Major (Du Croisy) and Noah Martin (La Grange)

Noah and Nafees Hamid (Lelie)

Two Precious Maidens' director Janis Bergmann (holding the flowers), with Heather, Shannon and Jackie.

.Arlie Ray Blackshear (Gorgibus in Sganarelle; yes, Moliére sometimes reused character names)

The kids: "Are you George Washington?"

Jennifer Vaillancourt (Celie)

    Dan Vekhter (Dorant, Gros Rene, Servant and Villebrequette)

Laleh Imanverdi (Martine)

SuZ Levitz (Lizette) and Nafees Hamid

Reneysh Vittal, Laleh and Jen

Dan, Jen, Laleh and David Hundsness (Sganarelle)