In January, 2002, I took an acting class at Foothill College.  Later that year, I started doing cold-readings for the Foothill playwriting class. This has led me to my latest interests:  acting and writing.


I've been in seven plays, of this writing:

  • Claude Newman -- It is a play based on the story of the miraculous conversion of Claude Newman in 1944. It was produced by the Quo Vadis Theatre Company in the fall of 2005. I played Father Robert O'Leary.
  • Wit -- The famous play by Margaret Edson, about an English professor diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. Produced by Busbarn Stage Company in the fall of 2004. I played a technician.
  • The Nerd -- A play by Larry Shue, which was produced by Northside Theatre Company in 2004. I played Warnock Walgrave. Note that City Lights Theatre Company will be producing this play as part of their 2005-06 season.
  • The Winter's Tale -- I played the Jailer in my first Shakespeare production in the winter of 2004. It was produced by Busbarn.
  • Bridges -- A collection of vignettes that the playwriting class took to the 2003 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (click here for my pictures from Edinburgh)
  • Tender Lies -- A play by Nancy Gilsenan, set in early 1960s San Jose.  I played "Benbo". Click here for pictures.
  • Molière! Molière! -- My first play:  a "Molière Festival" at Foothill College in the fall of 2002 consisting of two plays: Sganarelle or the Imaginary Cuckold and Two Precious Maidens Ridiculed,. I played a couple of minor roles in the latter. Click here for pictures (warning: contains strong clown imagery!!!).

My current project is an independent film, The Valley Of Fear, which starts shooting on February 4, 2006.


In addition to doing readings for the playwriting class, I've been taking the class as a writer since the start of 2004. In the spring of 2005, two of my 10-page plays were produced as part of the Foothill College New Works Festival. These plays are:

Full of Grace -- It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  Two priests and a young woman try to figure out why last year's Palm Sunday palm fronds, needed for the Ash Wednesday, have not dried out. Is it a miracle, or just New Orleans' high humidity?

Apocalypse Habit -- A young man is forced to choose between his girlfriend and his blogging.